How to Select an Escort

How to Select an Escort: 8 Tips

If you’re seeking companionship and considering hiring an escort in erotic massage parlor, it’s essential to navigate the process safely and responsibly. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of finding and meeting an escort while adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Finding an Escort

Utilize Escort Directories

Use reputable escort directory sites like Tryst, Switter, Slixa, Eros, or Escort Directory to search for available services. Refine your search by adding descriptors like “mature,” “blond,” or “VIP” for a more tailored experience.

How to Select an Escort

Check Legalities

Before making contact, familiarize yourself with local laws on prostitution and escorts using resources like Ensure that your intent aligns with legal boundaries, emphasizing companionship over illicit activities.

Explore Agencies

Consider seeking recommendations from escortagencies advertised online or in adult magazines. Keep in mind that agency services may cost more due to added customer service.

How to Select an Escort

Set a Budget

Define your budget for the escort service, considering factors like hourly rates and additional expenses. Contact the escort or agency to inquire about pricing and services, ensuring transparency and avoiding unexpected costs.

Research the Escort

Look up the chosen escort online, even when hiring through an agency. Verify their identity, read reviews on platforms like The Erotic Review, and confirm their age to avoid potential scams or illegal activities.

Meeting an Escort

Personal Preparation

Prepare for the meeting as you would for any date. Maintain personal hygiene, dress appropriately, and create a positive and respectful environment for both you and the escort.

How to Select an Escort

Confirm Identity

Upon meeting the escort, confirm their identity, age, and overall comfort. Consider requesting identification or licensing provided by their agency, ensuring a safe and legal encounter.

Transaction Etiquette

If both parties are comfortable, show the agreed-upon payment before the session begins. This establishes transparency and trust, aligning with legal standards for escort transactions.

Legal Considerations

Be aware of the legal distinctions between escorting and prostitution. Any exchange for sexual favors is classified as prostitution and can lead to serious consequences. Prioritize legal and consensual interactions to ensure a positive experience.


By following these tips, you can navigate the process of selecting and meeting an escort responsibly and legally. Prioritize clear communication, respect, and adherence to legal standards for a positive experience.

Questions & Answers

What precautions should I take before hiring an escort?

Research local laws, verify the escort’s identity online, and understand the legal distinctions between escorting and illegal activities.

How can I ensure a safe and legal transaction with an escort?

Choose reputable escort sites, set clear budgets, and establish open communication with the escort or agency to ensure transparency.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable during the meeting?

Trust your instincts. If anything feels suspicious or uncomfortable, prioritize your safety and walk away from the encounter.

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